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Akashic Records Reading

An Akashic Records Reading is a session in which the consultant will perform a series of questions to a reader, who answers from the Akashic Records Field, which is the Source where all the experiences of the Soul are stored.


The reader accesses an amplified level of consciousness that allows a fluid connection with the Records and transmits answers that will promote the greater good and evolution of all involved (client, reader and all things and people related to the question).


That is why it is not merely an oracle to satisfy curiosity, but a tool to raise levels of awareness, gain clarity and peace about why something happened, about the circumstances and even offers great help in making decisions that will influence the future.


It is also a powerful therapeutic tool in promoting Akashic spontaneous healing through energy movement that occurs during the readings.



Client should bring 7 questions (at least) for the reading.


Investment: to learn more, contact us today.


Duration: it is relative and depends on each case. Usually it takes an hour.

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