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We provide an inner healing journey to improve your self-awareness, to find your truth, to live more harmoniously and enjoy this life with love, peace, health, in communion with the Divine Essence of the Universe.


We begin with an Akashic Therapy Consultation where you expose your concerns, fears and desires supported by the unconditional love vibration of the Akashic Records in which we will understand what are the best tools for your inner healing journey based upon your Soul´s real needs.


Understanding the disease as a manifestation of disharmony in the body at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, today we have complementary tools to traditional medicine to offer us a way to restore this balance.


Our treatments goals are the integration of your Soul and Ego, your Divine Feminine and Masculine, of your Mind, Body and Spirit, so they all work together to achieve an awesome life and feel whole and empowered.



Do you want an awesome happy life? Are you ready to heal yourself?


Come when you feel the calling.


The healing comes from the integration within


Giovana Sinhorini Grasso was born in Cambará – Paraná, a small city at the south of Brazil (an Italian colony) and raised at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Rio Branco – Acre.


Having a number 11 on her name, a master number, means she is a very ancient Soul here on Earth, a Soul that already knows her mission and wisdom of uniting the spiritual realm with the material field.


As a small child Giovana, had a lot of admiration for her parents Carlota and Eduardo, who always were there trying to answer the infinite questions about all the mysteries of life and constantly reminding her that we were all special beings born with all God´s gifts and with the ability to make anything come true. Very important knowledge and support that gave her the security to explore and continuing exploring the many aspects of life.


Advertising and Marketing expert worked in many International Ad Agencies and Accounts with an MBA degree in Luxury Brand Management before finding her passion in Healing Arts, her own struggles on her journey has inspired her to use her healing gifts to help others find balance and joy in their lives through a consciousness-based approach to living. 


She is a certified Ontological Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certificated Akashic Records Consultants International (ARCI) Consultant, Akashic Constellator, Sound Healing Therapist, Deeksha Giver, Intuitive Healer and so on; she is best known for her humor, empathetic nature and big smile. 

Her Soul Group are the Mintakans (the third star up in Orion's belt) from an extinguished planet called Artuvia. They stand for light, fight for light and share light, their purpose is light and are the ones who are willing to go into the darkness to clear, heal and shift energy. You always recognize a Mintakan because they laugh very easily and believe that the cup is definitely half full.


The first place she came to Planet Earth was Lemuria with the purpose of stablishing the energy of this Planet during that time. She was there offering up her strength and sharing her light with other people – other beings from other galaxies.

She has been trained on the healing arts in many lives, been also part of the Mysteries Schools from Egypt under Black Isis (the people who participated in her order's goal was to balance the duality of light and darkness within themselves and the world) and Thoth (they were involved with the Akashic Records, and spent time understanding the cosmos, the relationship with the everything and how to do magic) and at this life her body is trying to remember and revoke all the gifts and abilities she created at that time.


In her energy center of realms training she has the Archangel Raphael who is responsible of the energy center of Divine Love and Divine Healing – the 4th chakra, the heart; and Archangel Michael who is the clearer, his realm is the center of intuition, protection, the spiritual warrior and Divine Truth – the 6th chakra. So she has the combination of the healing and the clearing going on inside of herself.


Being an Explorer Soul curious about different cultures and ways of living life (have lived in US, France, Norway, Chile, and of course Brazil), it is easier to find her online where she does her healing practices too.


Because of her passions she mastered the art of adapting, reinventing herself and making things happen.


Gigi stays balanced by laughing (out loud), connecting with her friends and family, doing yoga, eating chocolate, meditating, singing in the shower and travelling.


Being a Holistic Therapist is part of what makes her Happy, and that is what is important, the energy of Happiness.



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The Gigi Center can provide you with the following therapies:

Akashic Therapy


Akashic Records




Akashic Integral


Sound Healing


All sessions (with the exception of the Sound Healing Therapy) can be done through online meetings or in person at sites we can agree during my travels.


Disclaimer: any of the therapies should not be a replacement for conventional treatment of diseases.

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To inquire about booking a private session or learn more, contact us today.


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Please note that all payments must be made in full prior to having your private session with Gigi. The payment method is online through PayPal, or if you are from Chile by bank account transfer.


Once the appointment is schedule, you will receive a payment invoice on your email or the bank account details for the transfer. After payment, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be responsible to contact Gigi at the appointed time.



We understand that occasional emergencies arise. However, cancellations must be made in writing at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged the entire fee.


At the time of your private session, if you have not successfully called or arrive in 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, your appointment will be considered cancelled and not subject to refund. Out of respect for your time as well as our other clients, this rule will be strictly enforced.

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