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Sound Healing Therapy

At first an acoustic diagnosis is made using a Crystal Singing Bowl, to verify the operation of the energy centers (chakras) of the body, checking if any of them are weakened, blocked or over working. When any of those happens one may experience symptoms such as fatigue, unhappiness, and illness.


The diagnosis is followed by a sound and vibrational "bath" which aims to return the correct functioning of the chakras, providing the welfare of one´s energy.


Will be used Tingshas (or Tibetan cymbals) which clash instantly sound like an echo in the Human Soul and intends to call the consciousness of the here and now moment, the recognition and remembrance of our being; the Crystal Singing Bowls allow connection with the Cosmos with its extremely high vibration and the Tibetan Bowls carrying seven considered sacred metals (gold, copper, lead, silver, iron, tin and mercury) connect us to the movement of our Mother Earth.


Some of the benefits observed are:


  •         Healing of body areas, emotions and thoughts


  •         Balancing and cleaning of the chakras and aura


  •         Stress relieving and relaxation


  •    Stimulating the activity of alpha brain waves or deep meditation cell regeneration (DNA)


  •         Increasing production of T lymphocytes (immune system)


  •      Redressing the balance of the endocrine system through the vibration of the pituitary


  •          Stimulating the creation of endorphins and dopamine


  •          Balancing of the cerebral hemispheres


  •          Reactivating brain and neural functions


  •          Treating insomnia


  •          Relieving muscle aches and headaches


  •          Increasing the ability to concentrate


  •          Reducing learning difficulties


  •          Enhancing creativity


  •          Favoring the connection with higher vibrations and helps raise your

consciousness levels


  •        It has positive effects in cases of arthritis, circulatory problems, kidney stones, depression, autism, schizophrenia, anorexia, bulimia, phobias, neural problems and many other ailments



Investment: to learn more, contact us today.


Duration: approx. 40 minutes.


You might prefer to schedule a series of 4 sessions - ideally 1 per week.







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